How To Comment

How do you make a good comment?No problem I am about to show you some tips and steps to making you a better commenter.


1.First, start your comment off with a compliment a thing that you liked about their blog (Be specific)

WRONG                                             CORRECT

I liked your blog it was cool            I enjoyed your about me page I especially liked how                                                                 you added pictures of what you liked doing in your                                                                   freetime.For example, when you said that you liked                                                                  to draw in your freetime I like to draw as well,My                                                                      favorite things to draw are animals.

2.Next,you can add your own personal knowledge about what they wrote

For example:let’s say the person is writing about horses and you have something about horses they didn’t say you can say in your comment

3.Then,you can ask a question maybe you want to know more about or maybe something you didn’t get or understand.

4.Finally,proof read it and make sure you put your best effort into it 🙂

Now here are some tips:

Tip #1-Do not add personal information like last name, address, or phone number.

Tip #2-Check your comment for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation before you submit it.

Tip #3-Write in complete sentences

Tip #4-If you are excited don’t put more than one exclamation point. DO NOT DO ¨ You did an amazing job!!!!!!!¨ you will get to your point by ¨You did an amazing job!¨

Tip #5- You shouldn’t write a comment like if you were texting.

WRONG                                                            CORRECT

LOL!u did a great job on your about me page       Your about me page was really funny,you                                                                                you did a great job on it.

With these steps and tips you should be an expert on your commenting.


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